Saturday, February 23, 2013

Exploring Kyiv: Day 2

This morning Albina told us she really wanted to clean the apartment and asked if we could all leave for a while.  (Really???)  James and I took Alina and Maks out to explore some more of Kyiv (and YES the apartment really was much better when we returned!)

Overlooking Kyiv, Ukraine
We aren't sure what this small museum was.  We ended up inside and then realized it wasn't anything we were interested in.  However, I did like this photo.
We got to see a lot of interesting buildings on our walk:

There were also lots of places to shop on the street as well as a number of people begging for money.  Alina kept asking us for money to give to them.  We finally gave her some money and told her it was hers to give as she chose.  She was very kind to everyone she met on the street.

We ended up at The Great Patriotic War Museum.  We didn't end up going inside because the kids were tired and anxious to go home.  However, we did talk them into walking around the grounds and taking some pictures.  Alina took the camera for most of our time there and got some interesting shots.  Here are some of the better ones:

While we were out walking, we came to a place with a lot of hills where children were sledding.  Alina and Maks were excited about the snow and asked if they could climb the sides of the hills.  We allowed them to climb and play for a bit.  We caught this great moment of Maks on tape (sorry it's sideways for a bit and then changes... not sure why?):

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