Fundraising Events

  • Slippers For Cinderella:  The Fairy Godmother Institute is holding a fundraiser to benefit our family as well as another family that is in the process of adopting from Ukraine.  Help us gather shoes to be auctioned off on ebay.  All proceeds will go to helping adoption efforts.
  • The 12 Days of Christmas:  Take some time this holiday season to make a difference.  Participate in our version of the 12 Days of Christmas and help our orphans have the best Christmas ever by being reunited with their forever family.  Each day we will give you an opportunity to do something small that will help get us closer to reaching our goal.  If we reach our Goal #4 (an additional $10,462), James will SHAVE HIS HEAD!   
  • Online Auction:  Take care of all your holiday shopping through our online auction!  We'll be holding our online auction November 15-16.  We have lots of amazing items to purchase.  What could be better than getting some much needed shopping taken care of while supporting a worthy cause?  Yeah... that's right!  NOTHING!  :-)  While the auction is still not active (it will open at 1:00am on Nov 15), you can check out the items we are currently posting that will be for sale at this link.
  • Sugar Rush 5K Walk/Run:  Our Sugar Rush 5K on November 3, 2012 was so much fun and a huge success!  Thank you to all the volunteers that helped put this event together!  We are so grateful! 
  • Buy or Sell a House:  If you are considering purchasing or selling a home in Northern Utah (or know of someone that is), please use or pass along Dana's name and information so it can benefit our adoption fund!   For every referral that purchases or sells a home through her, she has agreed to donate 1/3 of her commission to our adoption fund.  Please contact her:

    Dana Conway
  • Shop til You Drop:  The following store has agreed to give us all profits from purchases that are made by linking through our website.  Please check out the beautiful items they have available and consider purchasing something as a gift or for yourself!  Support our cause by shopping!  It's a win win! 
  • Charity Yard/Bake Sale: We held a successful Yard/Bake Sale on September 29, 2012.  Thanks to all the people that donated items for the yard sale and bake sale, tables for display and lots of time organizing and helping us run the yard/bake sale.  Because of the generosity of so many we were able to enjoy a hugely successful fundraising event!  THANK YOU! 

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