Meet Albina, Alina & Maksym

Albina, Alina and Maksym have been in the orphanage in Mariupol, Ukraine for just over three years.  They were sent to the orphanage after a tragic fire caused them to lose everything. 

Albina, 16
Albina is a beautiful girl and knows some English. She is very helpful and sensitive to those around her. She is very intelligent and enjoys school very much. She dreams of becoming a lawyer someday.  As a 16 year old, she will be graduating from the orphanage soon and will be forced to fend for herself.  We are anxious to get her to our home and give her a future full of opportunity!

Alina, 10

 Alina is a happy, energetic girl. She is constantly laughing and making everyone around her laugh. She loves singing, dancing and drawing. She also loves to swim. She is studying English and has learned many words since arriving at our home.

Maks, 5
Although we haven’t met Maks yet, we hear he is a very smart boy that loves to memorize poetry. He loves Soccer and bugs (as well as all animals). He has big dark brown eyes that will melt your heart.

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  1. dear Truax family i love this so if i could i would send in $500 but i don't have that money cause this is Micah!love you bye