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Our Story

Meet the Truax Family.  James, Shelly, Toria (18), Emma (16), Isabel (15) and Micah (8).

After Micah’s birth in 2003, we figured that our family was complete. However, recently we were introduced to a hosting program for orphans from Ukraine. We were touched by the very difficult circumstances of Ukrainian orphans and after seeing the pictures of the orphans that would be visiting our area, we were very drawn to a group of three siblings:

Albina, 16

Alina, 10

Maksym, 5

We called and asked if we could host the two sisters (Unfortunately, Maks was too young to travel to the US with the group). Albina and Alina were given the chance to spend 3 ½ weeks in our home.  They fit into our family beautifully!  We feel strongly that they belong with us, and not in an orphanage, so we are working to adopt these beautiful children.

We have grown increasingly anxious to adopt these orphans as we’ve learned more about the difficult life they face.  At the young age of 16, orphans in Ukraine are sent out into the world to live as adults.  Many orphans, after they “graduate” from the orphanage, will become homeless and alone.  They will lack the education necessary to provide for themselves.  The hopelessness they experience frequently leads to a life of crime, prostitution, human trafficking and even suicide.  Since Albina has already turned 16, we feel especially anxious to get to Ukraine and save her from these potential outcomes.  We want to insure that she, along with Alina and Maks, has a shot at a life of great opportunity.

As you can imagine, the cost for an international adoption of three children is quite pricey. Because this opportunity presented itself so suddenly, we don’t have the necessary $68,750 set aside to pay for all adoption and travel fees.  As our desire to save these children grows, we hope that others will also develop an increased desire to assist us.  We cannot do this alone, so we are looking to family, friends and community to help us raise the money. 

We have created this blog to share our complete story, update our adoption progress and inspire others to join with us in saving three children.  Since the overall goal of $68,750 seems insurmountable, we have broken our fundraising into smaller chunks.  You will see the current goal listed on the right-hand side of our blog along with a description of what the current goal will go towards.  We have already reached some of our goals, but we must meet all six goals to see our dream become a reality.

Making a donation is easy.  Simply click on the donation button to the left and make your donation through paypal.  If you desire to mail in your donation or make a tax deductible donation, click on our donation tab for easy instructions.

We invite you to consider how you can help save these children.  They need your help.  
Every donation counts. 
Every donation gets us closer to our goal. 
Every donation helps save Albina, Alina and Maks.

Thank you for joining us in our Adoption Adventure!
James, Shelly, Toria, Emma, Isabel & Micah Truax (PLUS Albina, Alina & Maksym) 

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The Truax Family saying "I LOVE YOU" right before saying good-bye to Albina and Alina.


  1. I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your girls & their cute song!
    They were great & I enjoyed it! Good luck with the Journey! What an awesome family you guys have! Love, Tami p.s. I was the one that took a pix of them :)

    1. Thanks for sharing Tami! They told me that someone took their picture. I would love to have a copy if you wouldn't mind sending it to our email ( Thank you so much for your love and support! We appreciate it so much!!!