Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Happily Ever After

We've been home for 112 days now.
That's longer than we were in Ukraine.

Many people have messaged me asking me to please post an update...

I haven't been ignoring you.
I've just been paying attention to a lot of other things first.

Since we've been home, so much has happened.
When people ask me about how the adjustment is going, I usually respond,
"We couldn't have expected it to be much better."

Our Ukrainian kids seem to be adjusting well to American life.
  • Albina and Alina did well attending the last part of school.
  • Alina has made many friends at school and church and was, apparently, the most popular girl in school because she had a cool accent.
  • Maks has been learning English really quickly.  Almost every day I am surprised to hear something new that he has picked up and started utilizing in his vocabulary.
  • Albina sends James and I sweet texts each night before she goes to sleep telling us good-night and that she loves us.

  • Maks "reads" his good-night books to me fairly regularly.  He loves his "Dinosaur Roar" book.

  • Alina loves to draw pictures and create "love" notes.  She leaves them on our bed for us to find at the end of the day.  (Sorry I don't have pictures of these available right now!)

Life has been busy and chaotic with extra people in our home.  I find myself constantly counting kids whenever I go out to make sure we haven't lost anyone (I'm still getting used to taking so many kids places!)

We've had some amazing experiences with our family since we arrived home from Ukraine, and we feel so blessed!  We are amazed at how smoothly things went for our family (It was a total of 7 1/2 months from start to finish.  Unbelievable!).  We are grateful for all the help and support we've received from so many.  It's because of all the support that we were able to pull off such a seemingly impossible feat!  We have felt strengthened by the Lord as we've been on such a life changing adventure!  It's been quite a ride!

Here are some of the things we've experienced in the last 112 days:

We attended a concert at Temple Square with music from around the world.
Easter Egg Hunt: Albina

Easter Egg Hunt: Alina
Easter Egg Hunt: Maks
Alina riding the merry-go-round.
Emma & Albina riding the merry-go-round.
Isabel & Maks riding the merry-go-round.
Hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park.
Albina & Alina with James on their baptism day.
Our expanded family on Albina & Alina's baptism day.
Alina, Micah & Maks hiked to the top of a waterfall.
Micah made a picnic lunch for he and Maks to enjoy together.
Albina is a US Citizen!!!
Our family was sealed for time and all eternity in the St George LDS Temple.

Not once have I questioned that the Lord had a part in this journey.
Not once have I doubted that He led us to these kids.
It has been made very clear that they are meant to be a part of our family.

And with that knowledge, what more could I ask for?

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