Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moving? Yes, Please!

 Meet Dana Conway.

Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire!

She recently approached us as someone that wants to help our cause.  This is her generous offer:

"If you or any of your friends refer someone to me to buy or sell, I will donate 1/3 of my commission to the adoption fundraising. We are praying for you and your sweet kids!"

So, our request is pretty simple.  If you are considering purchasing or selling a home in Northern Utah (or know of someone that is), please use or pass along Dana's name and information so it can benefit our adoption fund!

Dana Conway

I am confident that you and/or your friends will love working with Dana!  She is a lovely person that will make buying or selling a home a pleasant experience.  In addition, she is an extremely hard worker and an individual committed to helping people find their perfect home and enjoy a successful outcome.

As someone that has moved a number of times, I know how stressful looking for and selling a home can be.  A good real estate agent makes all the difference in the world!  Please consider Dana, not only because it helps our cause, but because she is simply worth using!

Only 3 more days of Coin Wars!  

Check out this picture I received yesterday:

Don't you think it's time to go collect your coins?

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