Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Robbed Blind!

A while ago I posted about "adventures" and included a picture of my brother, who is currently kayaking down the Mississippi River.  (

A couple of days ago he landed in Memphis and was robbed of all his kayak and travel gear.

Check out the story below to read of the miracle that took place:

There are good people out there willing to help others.  They sacrifice and work hard to serve.  They give of their time, their resources and most importantly, they love others regardless of how well they know them.  I have been priviledged to meet such people along our adoption adventure.  And now I'm grateful that my brother has been able to meet people as well.

Today is a good day to celebrate all the good people that participate in random acts of kindness!
Now I'm going to think of a way I can pay it forward!

It's just a small way to say "thank you"!

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  1. I watched the video about your brother's adventures in Memphis. What a great story and I am thankful that it had such a happy ending. I hope the rest of his great journey goes well. And I hope your journey goes well as you continue to press on.