Thursday, October 25, 2012

The One First Thing... To Check Out

Last night I read this blog that my friend wrote:

I cried.  
I cried because I felt understood
And loved
And supported.

Those are good feelings to feel.
And unfortunately, I don't feel these feelings as often as I need.

So, today I'm going to encourage you to read it as well.  
Perhaps if you read it, you can better understand, love and support our family. 
Because I know that sometimes it's hard to wrap your head around why we would be doing this.
And if I weren't going through it right now, I probably wouldn't understand us either.
But because I am going through it, I really understand.

And it is HARD.
Sometimes it really hurts.
Most of the time it's really difficult to have enough faith.
And it's overwhelming all of the time.
And if I didn't love these kids SO much...
I would give up in an instant.

But I DO love them.
I love them so much I ache.
I wish people understood how important this is.
And that they could wrap their heads around why this is such an important cause to support.

Because as far as my feelings are concerned,
These are already my kids.
And they are not with me.
And not having your kids with you is JUST NOT RIGHT.

So, I'm not giving up.
I'm fighting harder than ever.

Does that help you understand?

Learn how you can support us through our next fundraising event SUGAR RUSH 5K.
You DO NOT have to be a runner or even a local to support us.
Check out my friend's blogpost to find out ways you can support us,
And then register here.

And as always, Thank You so much for your continued support!

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