Monday, October 15, 2012

MIRACLE? Let's Hope So!!!

After my post yesterday James asked what the title "Are You An Elephant" had to do with anything.  Since he's got an exceptionally high IQ, that probably means that there were a number of people that didn't understand what I was trying to say.

Basically... Since an elephant never forgets: "Don't Forget To Participate In Coin Wars!"

Makes perfect sense to me!  :-)

Recently we ran into some hangups with our adoption paperwork.  We had hoped to send in our Dossier about 2 weeks ago.  We were waiting for one last criminal clearance from the USCIS.  However, they came back to us and requested fingerprints from our 18 year old daughter that is no longer living in our home.  We explained that she was no longer a resident in our home, but regardless of what we said, they insisted that she was still considered a resident and that we needed to get clearance for her as well.  It was frustrating because we knew that would be a major delay in getting our paperwork compiled and mailed to Ukraine.  It was very discouraging and disappointing.

Last Friday Toria didn't have school because of fall break, so we headed to downtown SLC to try to get her fingerprinting done even though her appointment isn't until November 2 (James and I went in early without any problem).  However, they would not let her enter the facility unless she had an appointment.  There were absolutely NO exceptions to the rule (apparently since the election is coming up they are far too busy with appointments to take additional people).  Both Toria and I left the building crying and disappointed.

When I got home James told me he really felt I should contact the officer in charge of our case one more time (I'd already spoken to her 3 times trying to convince her that Toria is no longer a resident in our home.  Each time she told me to drop it and simply comply).  I decided to email her and make one more attempt.  My first email draft was full of frustration and anger (can you blame me?).  James helped me with a rewrite (thank goodness for non-emotional husbands!).  I sent the email off and got a response indicating that if we could send two copies of correspondence to her apartment address as well as an updated home study clarifying her new residency (which we'd already submitted) we could avoid getting fingerprints.


This is HUGE.
It's also SCARY.

It's huge because if things continue to go in this direction (please send lots of prayers that it will) we avoid about a 2-3 month delay in our adoption process.

It's scary because it means that we have less time to come up with all the money we need.  This really, really scares me.  I have a hard time having the faith that we can possibly come up with the remaining $30,000+ in the next 4-6 weeks.  That's a little (no, a LOT) overwhelming to me.  However, I really have felt (and continue to feel) that if things with this fingerprinting work out and we are able to move full speed ahead, that the Lord will provide a way for us to come up with the money.  (Why is having faith so hard?)

This afternoon I made the trip to Toria's apartment to pick up some mail that she has received since she moved out.  I got it all scanned and emailed to the officer.  Hopefully things will be approved really, really soon (like tomorrow) and our approval letter will be mailed off.

Keeping our fingers crossed that we can push ahead quickly and without any additional delays!

In the meantime, don't forget to collect and count your coins!

Just in case you've already forgotten.  :-)  

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