Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Feel A Sugar Rush Coming!

*For updated SUGAR RUSH 5K information visit this post!

Last night I returned home from my weekend away.  You remember... the trip I was taking to run a half marathon?  I was able to spend some time with my dear friend, relax, eat lots of good food, and yes: run a half marathon!

The morning of the marathon we woke early and headed to the race.  There were 10,000 runners in this race and lots of supporters gathered as well.  It was a busy place with lots of excitement and energy.  We started our run out slowly.  The downtown scenery/architecture was beautiful and created a wonderful course to run on.  Around mile 8, my knee started bothering me.  I stopped to stretch and take some more ibuprofen.  Then I forged ahead hoping that it would work itself out and I could finish the race strong.  At about my mile 11, the winner of the full marathon flew past me.  Yes... he was running more than twice as fast as I was.  It could have been discouraging, but it wasn't.  It was inspiring.  Surprisingly, it didn't make me want to run faster or become more like him.  I really went into this race with no specific expectations and no time goals.  I went into this race wanting to run it MY way and MY best.  I primarily wanted to enjoy my first race as well as some time with my friend.  My only hope was to run the entire race, but knew that I needed to be sensitive to my knee issues.  Fortunately, even though my knee bothered me a bit, it never got so bad that I had to walk.  Just after mile 12, I started feeling foggy and not so great.  My friend started talking me through it.  I realized I was SO close and that I couldn't possibly give up at that point.  As we rounded the last corner, I expected to see the FINISH line.  But it was still hidden.  I knew it was ahead, but I was so frustrated that I couldn't see it.  I just had to keep going and trust that it would come into view very soon.  My friend said to me, "Run for your kids!"  I replied, "I've been running this entire race for my kids!"  Then she said, "Then run for yourself."  As soon as I caught view of the finish line I felt renewed strength.  I pushed through my foggy, yucky, "I want to walk and nap" feelings and did a pathetic (albeit inspiring) sprint through the finish line.  I gathered my medal, chocolate milk, water, apple, pretzels, and roll.  We got pictures taken.  And we celebrated my first and only (so far) personal record for a half marathon.  I knew I wasn't fast or overly amazing.  I knew that my finish didn't stand out as anything overly remarkable.  But I believe it was absolutely remarkable.  I was happy with my accomplishment and felt proud of myself for finishing the race.

Here are only a handful of the things I learned by running this race:
  1. A long run with great scenery, live bands along the way, people cheering on the sidelines and lots of people with similar goals surrounding you makes things feel a lot smoother and easier.
  2. Running a race with a supportive friend makes difficult things fun and painful things bearable.
  3. Chocolate milk after a race tastes good to lots of people.  But if you're like me and you don't like chocolate milk, running over 13 miles doesn't change your taste buds.
  4. Apples DO taste really good after a race.
  5. Sometimes you have great support to help get you through things.  But sometimes you just have to do difficult things alone.  Like cross the finish line.
I realize that none of these above "lessons learned" seem new, because "racing" has been used as a metaphor millions of times and everyone has heard racing metaphors over and over again.  But reminders are always good, and actually being in the race helps things hit home just a bit more.

Here is our latest fundraising announcement:  THIS IS IMPORTANT!

My daughters school has organized and is putting on the SUGAR RUSH 5K RUN/WALK.  Joining with us in this event will be beneficial in the following ways:
  1. Running/walking this 5K will help you burn off those extra calories you may consume on Halloween.
  2. Participating in the SUGAR RUSH 5K RUN/WALK gives you one more excuse to wear your awesome Halloween costume!  It's like a parade, but BETTER!
  3. The entrance fee of only $15 for adults will benefit Albina, Alina and Maks.
  4. Even if you are not running, come and support the runners and visit our booths!  
Registration is easy!

1. Read the Consent & Waive Form before signing up.
1. Click on the DONATE button to the left.
2. Through Paypal, donate your registration fee amount for the 5K.
3. In the comments box include the following information:
  • "Participant(s) Name" (This acts as your signature for the Consent & Waive Form)
  • " Participant(s) Phone Number"
  • "Participant(s) Email"
  • " Participant(s) Gender"
  • "Participant(s) Age"
THAT'S IT!  No need to print anything off.  No need to sign anything additional.  Just complete your registration online through Paypal, and show up on Saturday ready to RACE!

If you prefer not to or cannot pay through paypal, please email us at and we'll arrange to get payment from you another way.

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