Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Sesame Street Counting Song Is Stuck In My Head!

August 8, 1988


Do you remember where you were that day?  I do.  I was in Interlochen, Michigan attending a summer music camp.  I spent my day playing the violin, and feeling very homesick.  I wore a uniform that consisted of navy knickers, light blue knee high socks and a blue button up shirt.  My hair was in a short bob with a very curly perm that was even more spectacular because of the insane humidity.  It was a lovely time in my life!

My friends and I talked about how cool the date was all day long!  It was a pretty big deal to us.

It's not often that the date is made up of such a cool combinations of numbers.  Just every once in a while.

Well... today is one of those days.  Did you realize it yet?  Have you and your friends been talking about it?

October 11, 2012



In celebration of great number combinations that happen in our dates only once in a very long while, and specifically TODAY'S AWESOME DATE, I'm asking you to donate $10, $11 or $12.

That's it.  

Or if that just doesn't seem like enough, you could also donate $101,112.
I just figured most of you would prefer the smaller donation amounts.    

So pull out your credit card,
Click on the donate button
And choose a number! 

Will you give $10, $11 or $12? 
Take your pick! 
They are all amazing numbers. 
And they all get us closer to saving Albina, Alina & Maks!

Then enjoy this amazing date in history!

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