Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yard/Bake Sale Results

Wow!  What a day!  We held our Benefit Yard/Bake Sale this morning and I think it was quite successful.  We made over $2000... for a Yard/Bake Sale?  Yep.  I'm pretty pleased!  Maybe beyond pleased!

It was so great to have so much support.  We had a number of people donate things to sell.  We had people bringing over tables for set-up.  We had many people donate baked goods (we had cakes, cookies, brownies, suckers and more!).  We had plenty of people that came looking for a bargain (no surprise), and a number of people that just wanted to contribute generously!

We had people donate more than we ever expected.  One lady came up to me and asked if I was the one adopting and then slipped me some money.  I thanked her without even looking at the bill.  After she walked away I looked down and noticed it was $100.  I immediately started crying.  And that wasn't the only incredibly generous donation... just the first of the day.  What amazing and generous people have been sent to me during this time!

Some people are generous with money, some people have given lots of their time, some people have kindly listened to me vent on my difficult days, some have sent me sweet notes or texts of encouragement or simple to let me know they are thinking about me.  I received messages today wishing us luck (from people that couldn't be in attendance) and phone calls and texts asking how things went.  Every single kindness means so much to me!

I intended to take pictures, but I've never been good at remembering to pull out a camera.  As a result, we got everything cleaned up and then remembered that we had no pictures.  Here are some shots that we got after everything was pretty much cleaned up and finished.

Benefit Yard/Bake Sale sign made by kids!
Micah sold lemonade.  Toria made the lemonade sign. 
Very end of yard sale... starting to clean up, last scavenging taking place.
Micah posing with some awesome yard sale finds!
Isabel posing.

Now it's time to go make a deposit.  Do you think I'll have time for a nap?


  1. I am so happy it went well. It seemed like by the time we got there around 11am that you had had a busy morning. We loved the cookies by the way and our BYU pom Poms haha! I will be in touch!! Love you!!

    1. It was pretty busy throughout the entire morning. Only a couple of short lulls, but then it would pick up again. Thank you for stopping by! Which cookies did you buy?

    2. We got the double chocolate chip ones and a BYU one for Max. They were amazing!! :)

  2. I am so glad and thankful that things went so well yesterday. It sounds like you had great support. Yard sales are a lot of work, but such a good cause and response makes it worth it all. Best wishes as you press forward!

    1. Thank you Lesli! Too bad you don't live closer. You could have enjoyed some really yummy stuff! :-)