Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ready, Set, GOAL #3

It’s been a busy weekend… homecoming dance for Emma and Isabel, football game, 10 mile run, house cleaning, grocery shopping, etc, etc, etc. 

I suppose now that we’ve gotten through the bulk of our weekend activities, I should announce our next goal.  I mean, there really isn’t time to rest… we’ve got to get back to work!

This next goal will go towards paying for airfare for James and I to travel to Ukraine round-trip twice, as well as the airfare to bring the kids back from Ukraine. 

I can hardly believe we are preparing for this particular stage of the adoption process!  We’re actually working toward flying to Ukraine!!!

As soon as all the paperwork is sent to Ukraine (in the next 2 weeks), we simply wait to hear what our scheduled court date is in Ukraine.  Once we receive that information, we purchase AIRFARE.

Announcing Goal #3…

GOAL #3:  $8500

We need to reach this goal by the first of October.  That’s a pretty aggressive timeline… nothing new, right? 

This process will require that 2 adults fly round trip to Ukraine twice (46,168 total miles) and 3 kids fly one way from Ukraine to Utah (17,313 total miles).  This makes a total of 63,481 miles traveled.  So when you really think about it, $8500 is cheap… I mean, it’s only 13 cents per mile!  Pretty sure that’s less than what most of us currently pay for the gas we put into our cars, right?

How many miles will you help us cover?

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