Tuesday, September 11, 2012


If you didn't read yesterdays post, you should read it now:

Here is the BOGO update:

Yesterdays contributions = $170
Yesterdays contributions once matched = $340

Not bad for one day, right? Not bad AT ALL!!!

So I have a little problem:
If people donate through Eli Project I have no idea.  
Eli Project's reporting is running a bit behind, so I am not up-to-date on donations.
Of course, I'll receive an accounting at some point, but for now I am in the dark.
In addition, Eli Project keeps all donor information private in case donors desire anonymity.
This means that for now, I don't know how much has been donated to Eli Project.
It also means that I have no idea who contributed, and I never will.

This is good if you desire to remain anonymous.
It is bad if you want a personalized "Thank You" from me.

I really want to say "Thank You" to everyone personally, but I hope you understand my dilemma.  If you have donated through Eli Project on our family page and have not received a "Thank You", now you know the reason why.

Here is what I can do:


And please know, that this is not an ordinary "Thank You".  It is a most sincere, from the very bottom of my heart, makes me cry with joy "Thank You"!!!


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