Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prayers For Albina, Alina & Maks

Congratulations Blogpost Followers!  We’ve met our first goal of $7000!

Yesterday we received our fingerprinting appointment, which means that we met our goal right on time.  To those of you that have donated, thank you so much!  We are so very grateful!  (I’ve got to figure out more ways to say “Thank You”, since I have been saying it a lot lately, and it just doesn’t fully convey the gratitude I feel!)

As you’re aware, $7000 was our first goal… and we hope to continue moving full speed ahead!  That means that it’s time to announce GOAL #2.

Ready? … 

GOAL #2:  $6930

This money will help pay for the apostilling of all documents as well as dossier translation and registration.  (This is exciting stuff… TRUST ME!)

In other news, I received this sweet message yesterday (along with a donation):

“I am worried for Albina and want her to be safe soooooo much!! I want more for her, actually...I want her to be safe, and I want her to be happy. I know she would be happiest with her siblings and your family! We will be praying that you can get the funding that you need soon so you can all be reunited.”

I share this concern for Albina.  When I hear from her, I feel incredible relief, because I know that she is still safely in the orphanage waiting for us.  When I don’t hear from her I worry that her time has run out… that the orphanage has decided they can’t afford her any more and she is out on the streets fending for herself and experiencing things that no 16 year old should be exposed to.

Albina: Isn't she beautiful!?!

She needs OUR prayers.

She needs YOUR prayers.

Thanks to another wonderful friend that is also worried about Albina (as well as our other kids), we have a proposal.  We would like to encourage all of our family and friends to join with us this Sunday in a special prayer event for these kids.  It’s our hope that we can join together with people that are concerned about Albina, Alina & Maks and PRAY for them.  In addition, we would like to ask people if they would be willing to FAST (or avoid eating) for two meals on Sunday and then contribute what they save on food towards the fund for these kids.  In our church we fast on a monthly basis and give the money that we would have spent on food to our church to be used for people that have special needs.  We combine this fasting period with lots of prayer for the individuals with special needs.  This request is basically the same idea…

Will you give up two meals for Albina, Alina & Maks?

Will you join with us as we pray that they will be able to get to our family soon?

Thank you for your continued support and for sharing our story!  We're getting there one step at a time!

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