Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm All Wound Up!

Preface:  Today's guest blogger is my daughter, Isabel .  She has such a fun personality that completely draws people in!  When Alina met her, there was an immediate connection... they became inseparable!  Thank you, Isabel!


While Albina and Alina were staying with us, Alina and I shared a room. On the first night I expected her to get home and be ready to pass out (she had been traveling for over 36 hours straight), but no. She unpacked all of her stuff, hanging up all her clothes, putting her little knick-knacks on the empty part of my desk, and then she gave me a small wind-up toy. I know that most 15 year olds wouldn’t be too thrilled to get a wind-up toy, but to me, it was the best thing I have ever received! We finally got to sleep really late that night, so I expected her to sleep in at LEAST until 10, but, yet again, I was wrong. She got up at around 7:30. We went downstairs and I showed her our garden in our backyard. She was fascinated with picking tomatoes! So much so, that every morning when she woke up she would shake me awake and pantomime ‘picking tomatoes’.  

Even though she woke up super early every morning, she still wanted to stay up late watching Danny Phantom or SpongeBob on my iPod. I was super tired, but that’s okay, because I like picking tomatoes and Danny Phantom and SpongeBob! 
Despite the language barrier, she was like the little sister I never had. 

Alina and Isabel

Then came the day that I had to go to Girl’s Camp. I was super sad that I had to leave Alina, but I was also super excited to spend lots of time with Albina during the last two days of camp. Emma and I took her zip-lining and then we played Uno. We didn’t really have tons of conversations (because of the language barrier) but we did have a few. She talked about her school in Ukraine, and about how she liked to sleep-in during the weekends. Even though this wasn’t an “I-got-to-look-inside-your-soul” kind of conversation, I felt like we were just talking, like old friends. It felt amazing! 

Isabel, Albina, Toria, Emma & Alina

By the time they left I had grown so used to them around that, even with the six original members of our family, our house felt empty. We don’t have Alina here singing “Party For Everybody”. And we don’t hear Dad telling Albina to eat more food every 5 seconds. 

Every day I walk into my room and I see the little wind-up toy that Alina gave to me on my desk next to her folder and I wind it up thinking about how quiet my room is now. I miss both of them so much.

I just want them back.

I want them to come home.

This is the song that Alina sung ALL THE TIME.  
It always made everyone laugh 
(except Albina, who would shake her head and say, "No, no, no!") 


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  1. That is the funniest video Ive ever seen haha I want to here Albina sing it :)

  2. That video was AWESOME!! "Party for Everybody" that will be stuck in my head for the night. haha. Nice post Isabel! I have loved all the posts from you and your sisters. They make me cry! (in a good way)

  3. Thanks for sharing the video. I love it! If we dressed like that we wouldn't have to worry about our hair or our figures. And wrinkles are in, as long as you smile while you sing! Very nice!