Friday, September 21, 2012

Blogging vs Vlogging

You may have noticed that some things have been changed on our blog.

Or maybe not, which is okay.

Since I began this blog, I've added over 50 posts.  This means that when new people come to check out our story, it's a bit difficult to catch up without spending a lot of time!  To make it easier for people to get a quick overview, we added the "START HERE" tab.

You should check it out.

You should also check out the video that we made.  It's our first attempt at "vlogging".

Do you prefer reading posts or watching videos? 


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  1. I prefer reading posts. I have kids....and most the time, they make it very difficult to listen to videos. So, I prefer to read while they are yelling in the background :)

    1. I'm the same way, but I know there are plenty of people that love watching videos. (Notice all the videos posted on Facebook!) Hopefully a combination of posts and videos will provide something for everyone.