Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We're Having a Baby?

Preface:  Today's guest blogger is my oldest daughter, Toria .  She is one of the most loving people I've ever met.  She also has one of the loudest and most distinct laughs ever.  ;-)  Thank you, Toria!


Once upon a time my mother told me about a dream she had.

This was quite a few years ago,
But I have an impeccable memory.
Plus it has remained in family conversation
Ever since the original sharing.

My mother’s dream was simple.
Nothing extraordinary.
Just two boys.
I don’t know if they were sitting or standing,
If they were in a room or on a cloud,
If they were talking to each other
Or if they were smiling,
But I do know that there were two.


This dream was told to me when it was just
The Truax Trio.
The Truax Girls.
Toria, Emma, and Isabel. 

Of course our childish minds jumped straight to:
“Mom are you going to have another baby?”
“Pleeeeeeease have another baby!”
“I want a brother so badly!”
“Well I want both a sister AND a brother!”
“Maybe you’ll have TWINS, Mom!”
And those are pretty accurate quotations.

Well, Mom did have another baby.
I got to cut the umbilical cord.
It was one of the best days of my life.
Also one of the scariest.

Mom had complications after Micah’s birth.
It was absolutely terrifying.
My nearly ten-year-old mind remembers every detail of that day
…Even the Berenstain Bears book that Mom’s friend read to Emma, Isabel and me
…While we waited and worried.

Even though Mom ended up being fine,
All of our dreams of another brother or sister were kind of shattered.
And we were mostly okay with that…
Because we had our mom
And we had Micah.

I continued to think about Mom’s dream, though.
And close to nine years later, Mom told me another story.
This was a story of a little boy, and his two older sisters
That just happened to look kind of like us. 


Who knew that seeing a picture of these three siblings would progress
Into meeting Alina and Albina,
To liking Albina, Alina and what we knew of Maks,
And finally, to loving Albina, Alina and Maks.
Calling them my sisters and brother.
Because they are. 

And though they are far away,
We hope that soon they will be here.

And mom’s dream will be fulfilled.

This is the fortune Mom got the night before Albina & Alina arrived.

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  1. Wow!!! What a sweet loving story!! I know it will come true for your amazing family!! love you all!! thanks for sharing Tori!!! miss you... but i see you are having a great time at college!!