Saturday, September 22, 2012

Help! Someone's Missing!

I've been having dreams lately.  About Albina, Alina and Maks.

I don't really remember too many details, but I wake up knowing they were in my dreams.

A few nights ago I had a dream that we were heading somewhere in the car.  All the seats were filled, so we started on our way.  Once we were on the road, I looked back and realized that Albina wasn't there!  I told James to hurry back to the house.  When we arrived at the house she was waiting patiently for us.  (And no, I don’t recall how we resolved the too few seatbelt issue).

Throughout the rest of the dream, everywhere we went she linked arms with me and stayed extra close by.  She wouldn't let me out of her sight.

When I told this dream to James a few days ago, Micah was in the car and overheard.

He said, "It's a sign Mom!  I think it means that you should keep Albina close to you.”

I think so too.


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