Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zucchini In Your Ears

Hi All,

This is James. I am taking over for Shelly on this post; but don't worry, she will be back. She is doing a fantastic job and is way better at communicating the ups and downs of this journey than I could ever do. 

However, I do want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of you that have supported us in our quest to bring home our children and rescue them from a life filled with challenges, poverty and potential disaster. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people – without your help our meager sacrifice could not possibly bring these kids here (especially before Albina is sent out from the orphanage.)  We have nearly reached our second milestone (see the “thermometer” graph on the side) and we are thrilled that we are moving forward on schedule. Some of the biggest financial hurdles are ahead and at times it is so overwhelming and even discouraging. Then someone will drop us an encouraging word or we will receive a donation (many from people we don't even know) and our spirits will be lifted and we will be awed by the kindness of others.

As you know, we are planning a fast (skipping two meals) tomorrow. It will give us a chance to pray and meditate on this blessing God has given us, to remember with gratitude those that are supporting our cause, and to focus our thoughts and energy on our success. I believe in the power of attraction – whether it is faith in the goodness of God or positive affirmations that brings to pass what we think about – this fasting, prayer and meditation will strengthen our resolve and bring miracles into our lives.
We invite everyone – whether you believe in God, or a creator, or the universe, or not, to fast for two meals, to donate what you save on food to our cause and to use this time to reflect with gratitude the blessings that we have and to attract success into our lives.

Thank you again for all your support! We truly could not do it without your assistance.

On another note (totally off topic), if anyone of you have the chance to remind us next spring, we do NOT need three zucchini plants in our garden. We have harvested dozens of zucchini – given them away, fried, cooked in bread, made brownies, frozen, etc. and we still can't keep up. In addition, if we ignore them when they are ready, they turn into giant monsters. (See pictures below) Since I am sure that sometime this winter we will forget this fact, please, if you remember, council us to reduce the number of squash plants next year.

Zucchini #1 hidden under large leaves... Whoa!

"Hello?" (featuring Zucchini #2)

Zucchini #2 mustache
My baby... "Zucchini #1"


  1. This is the first post that made me only smile - the others made me smile AND shed tears! I wonder if you could incorporate the abundance of monstrous zucchini into your fundraising somehow?! :-)

    1. I have been racking my brain with ways to incorporate many things into fundraising. I'm just not coming up with many realistic and/or fantastic ideas. Too bad I can't hire a fundraising specialist! Glad you enjoyed this post as well as the rest of the blog.