Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Not A Fairy Tale: Shoes CAN Make Dreams Come True

Alina LOVES pink.  
She is a girly-girl through and through.
That's why I know that any of these shoes would make her a very happy little girl!

And now there is a way for shoes 
to truly make her dreams come true!  
I'm not talking about shoes that 
she will actually wear on her feet.  
I'm talking about shoes that will provide 
a way for her to join a forever family!

dreams will come true for orphans all over the world. 

Currently, they are holding a fundraiser to 
benefit two families that are trying to adopt.

Our Family

It's simple:  
New and gently used shoes will be collected 
and auctioned off to earn money 
for families trying to adopt.  
Then... just like MAGIC, 
orphans will have a better shot 
at getting adopted by loving families 
that currently don't have the means 
to pay the required adoption fees.

Check out how you can donate shoes.

Just think:
 You, along with The Fairy Godmother Institute
can help make orphans dreams come true!

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