Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7: Think Of All The Starving Children

On the seventh day of Christmas, our orphans need from you:


It's Friday. And that means you are likely planning your weekend activities. James and I make our "date night" a priority. Each weekend we try to do something together. Occasionally we go to a movie. Sometimes we go on a walk. We've gone bowling or hiking before. We love the theatre, so we might attend a show. But it almost always includes FOOD. We love to sit and talk together. And what better time to talk than while enjoying a meal together?

This weekend we ask that instead of getting TWO meals on your date night, you share a meal. That may mean you won't have leftovers for lunch tomorrow, but you'll save some money.

And guess what we want to encourage you to do with that savings?
You got it!
Donate it to our cause!
And here's the bonus!
If you save and donate $10, you're really donating $20
(Remember the donation matching that's going on right now? Woot! Woot!)

And finally, last night's conversation between James and myself:

J: What was the time line for reaching our goal?
S: December 12.
J: Hmmm... it's looking like I won't have to shave my head after all.

Can we pleeeeaaaase prove him wrong? 

And this is the message I just got from Albina:  Я люблю тебя!

Do you know what it says? 


  1. I am guessing it says, "I love you!" Just a guess. :)

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