Saturday, December 15, 2012

Alina Dreams


Our fundraising is making wonderful progress and we're getting closer to our goals each day.

Last night we were blessed to have a special guest come to our home for dinner.  The girl that was assigned to translate for our family this summer was able to spend some time with us.  We ate dinner, decorated sugar cookies and played games.  It was lovely to see her again.  In addition, she was able to look through the notebook that Alina sent to us and translate additional entries for us.

We love hearing about Alina's hopes and dreams.  But we are also sad that we don't have more control to make certain dreams a reality.  I wish I could just head to the airport right now, jump on a plane and run to get her and take her home.  It's not so simple.

I especially want to give her dream number 5... and then give her all the additional dreams following that dreams fulfillment! 

 October 13, 2012

Hello notebook.  Today I'm starting to write down my dreams.  I'm going to write them and read them.  I'm also going to talk to you and draw.

My 1st dream is that I would go from Ukraine to America in Salt Lake City.

My 2nd dream is that in my American family there will be no sadness, no offense, and no hatred.

My 3rd dream is that Albina, my sister, would treat me well and that she would love me and come over almost every day and bring me something.  (Did you realize that Albina, Alina & Maks are separated at the orphanage and don't see each other every day?  They are in different age groups and aren't able to spend a lot of time together.) 

My 4th dream is that in my American family there will be health, smiles, happiness, love, money (but not too much), happiness and care.


My 5th dream is that they will take me to America with Maksym and Albina before New Year.

My 6th dream is that we would fly and would be at the airport and in the plane and everything would be fine.

My 7th dream is that we would get to America fine and get home and everything would be okay.

My 8th dream is that in our family there would always be enough food, ice, a lot of smiles and a lot of everything that's all the best.

My 9th dream is that my family would love us and that we would never part.

My 10th dream is that in the garden in America everything would be pretty and blooming.

My 11th dream is that the monkey will say good-morning and good-night to them.  I love my family.

My 12th dream is that me, Albina, Maks and my American family would be one family and will be happy very soon.

My 13th dream is that they will take me with them soon and that they will come and everything will be fine with them.  I really want to go to America.

My 14th dream is that Albina will be funny, happy and will trust me.


  1. I hope that all of these come true <3
    Praying that number five can be a reality.
    Love you all!