Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 6: Going Hungry

Take a little time tonight to prepare for tomorrow's gift to our orphans!
On the sixth day of Christmas, our orphans need from you:
This summer while Albina and Alina were staying with us I made a sack lunch for them to take to classes and activities each day.  Frequently, by the time lunch came around, I would join them and eat lunch with them.  I was always amazed to see how all the kids would share with one another.  They were constantly feeding each other and watching out for one another.  No one ever went hungry, they made sure of it!  I soon realized that I needed to pack lots of food in each of their lunches so that they could share with everyone and everyone would get enough food.  
I don't know about you, but even if we have to skimp on something in our budget, our family has never had to go hungry!  We've had some rough times over the years, but we've always had food.  My biological kids (unlike many, many orphans) have no idea what it feels like to go to bed hungry (okay, maybe they think they do because they refused to eat the dinner I served, but you know what I mean).  :-)
For today's gift, save a little money by packing your lunch from home instead of going out to eat.  It will save you money, and it will likely be much healthier.  Then donate your savings to Albina, Alina and Maks.  

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