Tuesday, January 8, 2013

71 Hours!


That's right.  In only 71 hours James and I will be on our way to Kyiv, Ukraine.  
We'll be there for 6-8 weeks and then bring our kids HOME!  

It's bound to be quite the experience (to say the least)!

For those of you interested in the process, here is a basic overview of what we expect to experience on our trip.

January 12
Arrive in Kyiv.  We are arriving early because our flights a day earlier were much cheaper AND we need to give ourselves extra time just in case there are any issues with weather and flights... better safe than miss our appointment in Kyiv!

January 15
Our appointment with the State Department.  This is when we receive permission to get access to the orphanage and begin the process leading up to our main court date.

January 17
Once we've gotten paperwork gathered and approved, we head to the orphanage where we get to meet with our kids (YAY!) and begin preparing and compiling the next set of paperwork.  

January 21
Submit paperwork requesting a court date to the SDA and begin waiting for them to contact us with our court date.

*During each waiting period, we have daily scheduled visits with our kids.  We've been warned that these visits will begin to feel like "Groundhog Day" (you are allowed in one room and have no outside play because of bitter cold weather).  In an effort to make these visits more enjoyable, we've tried to gather lots of puzzles, games, coloring books and other activities... here's hoping we have enough things gathered and that they truly do help make our visits more enjoyable!

February 6
Our potential Court Day.  This is the court that takes place with a judge and jury.  We are put on trial to determine if we should be allowed to adopt these children.  It sounds quite intimidating, but I've been told that's the way it's intended to feel, so we'll just try to relax.

*After the court there is a mandatory waiting period before you can take your kids from the orphanage.  More visits, puzzles, coloring, etc...

February 19
Waiting period is over.  Begin picking up additional documents, get birth certificates and apply for passports.

February 27
Pick up passports and travel with kids to Kyiv.

February 28
Kids get medical exams.  Apply for VISA's at the US Embassy.

March 1
Pick up VISA's

March 2
Leave Kyiv and head HOME!

 It seems like a fairly short trip when I map it out that way, right? 

But... when I consider that I won't be home until March, that sounds like a really LONG time! 

I will really miss Toria, Emma, Isabel and Micah!
And my bed.  :-)

But I can't wait to see my other kids.
And I'm really looking forward to bringing them home and having our family all together under one roof!


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    1. Thank you! We are so excited!!! (And excited for you and your adventure as well).