Monday, January 14, 2013

We're In Ukraine!

We've been in Kyiv for 2 full days.

Our travels were fairly uneventful, which is just the way we like them!  When we arrived in Kyiv, we were met by our driver and taken to meet up with our facilitator here in Ukraine.  He helped us purchase a cell-phone and some groceries.  Then they took us to our apartment:

Entrance into apartment in Kyiv
Kitchen in apartment in Kyiv
Bedroom in apartment in Kyiv

Upon arrival, we immediately went to sleep even though it was only 6:00 pm.  The next day we woke extremely early, but felt well rested.

We were able to attend church in Kyiv and meet some new people.  It was a lovely experience.

After church, we went back to our apartment and were able to meet up with part of another family that is here finishing up their adoption.  The father and daughter are staying in Kyiv until the daughter is able to get her Visa.  It was so lovely to see and visit with them.  We were also able to meet some of their friends from Ukraine.  Now we have someone to call when we come back to Kyiv after the adoption is finalized.  It will be lovely to have someone local that we can call on for help or simply suggestions on what to see or experience or where to go during that particular waiting period.

While with our friends, we were able to go walk around downtown.  Yesterday was "Old New Year", so there were decorations and lots of excitment in the town center.  It was fun to observe some of the activities that were taking place:

Downtown Kyiv, Ukraine
Downtown Kyiv, Ukraine
Downtown Kyiv, Ukraine: Huge Christmas tree that lights up beautifully!
It was a completely amazing day!

Today we were supposed to have an appointment with the facilitator, but it ended up needing to be moved until tomorrow.  As a result, James and I got to go exploring on our own.  We went to the nearby shopping center and checked things out:

The nearby shopping center.
The nearby shopping center.
The nearby shopping center.
We primarily did window shopping.  It was fun to look at some of the shops that they had.  There are some really cute things like this:

I saw this coat and thought it was so darling.  I just needed a picture.

The only things we purchased were two books in Russian for the kids to read to us.  We brought some English books with us to read, but thought they would like to read something to us as well:

After our excursion, we went back to the apartment and made, ate and cleaned up dinner:

Vareniki (potato filled dumplings) with sour cream and sauteed onions.  Yum!
James washing the dishes in our cute little kitchen.
Last night we were able to get Albina's phone number.  After dinner tonight, we gave her a call.  She recognized James' voice immediately.  They spoke for a while and then she asked if I was around.  I was able to speak with her as well.  This was the highlight of the day!  Her English is improving!  Here are some of highlights of our conversation:

  • Albina wants to come to America very much.  She would like to return to Lagoon (a local amusement park that we went to this summer) and YOGURTLAND.  (This is a girl after my own heart!)
  • She asked when she would be going to school.  I said, "You can start school as soon as you want."  To which she replied, "I no want..." and then laughed.  
  • She told me that Maksym is very excited and anxious to go to America!  I told her that Micah is really excited to meet him.  She said, "Oh... because he's a boy, right?"  (And of course that's the reason!  If you were Micah, wouldn't you be anxious to get a brother after being the only boy for so long?)  
  • I told her Kyiv was amazing and she said that the city where she is is even better.  I said, "Is it because you are there?"  She said, "Yes!  Of course!" and laughed.
I can hardly wait to see these kids again!!!  I am simply giddy with anticipation.

Tomorrow we have our SDA appointment.  This is when we request permission to gain access to our kids and the orphanage.  We will fill out the paperwork and receive the final permission on Wednesday.  Then we will be on a train to the orphanage!

Only 2 more full days until we see our kids!


  1. I am so happy that you got to talk to Albina! You guys must be DYING with anticipation!!! The city looks beautiful and I would totally buy that coat. Love you!!

    1. We are... but it does seem so close now that we will do our best to be patient. Love you too!