Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Short List Of Preparations For Arrival:

In preparation for Albina & Alina to arrive in our home, here are some of the things we did:

1.  Drove 4 hours away (so 8 hours total travel) to pick up our new dog, Guster (we had already planned on doing this, but it got pushed up since our week's schedule got revamped).  I realize that I am a little crazy and perhaps some would say that my priorities are a little out of line, but I had promised Micah we would get his dog this week... so what was I to do?

2.  Spoke with the adoption agency and found out how expensive it was going to be to adopt three children from the Ukraine (EEEEEKK!  We were not prepared for this in the slightest!).

3.  Cleaned the house.

4.  Organized rooms so there would be proper sleeping arrangements as well as storage for the kids.

5.  Cleaned the cars.

6.  Planned meals and grocery lists for the next 4 weeks (I'm always surprised at how long menu and grocery planning take... really?)

7.  Went shopping.

8.  Tried to stay calm, cool and collected... what is wrong with me?

Here is a picture of our new dog:

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