Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do We Have Another Entertainer On Our Hands?

Another Sunday.  We headed downtown to attend the Russian Branch so the girls could understand what was being said during Sacrament Meeting.  There was no way to really know how the girls liked the service or what they thought of it, but they were reverent and respectful as usual.  After Sacrament Meeting we drove back to our home ward building for Sunday School and Young Women.  

Toward the end of dinner we were having a conversation around the table.  Albina, Alina and Micah excused themselves.  Toward the end of the conversation Tori got really upset about what we were discussing and was crying and emotional.  Alina walked in and started comforting Tori.  Then she walked around and made everyone smile and become happy.  Having an upset family was obviously not something she was going to stand by and watch.  So she did something about it.  There was a moment that made me think, “Having this girl in our home would be such a blessing.”  It was at that moment I felt I got my confirmation.

After dinner was cleaned up, Alina was video-taping herself and the family.  We were all laughing and enjoying the moment.  It was so natural and fun and felt like family.  Again I had a thought, "this feels so right!".  

After these two events I felt sure about moving forward with the feelings I was receiving to adopt.

Tonight I finished up most of the paperwork for the home study.  We just need to get things turned in and a couple of things finalized and we're ready for the next step.  It felt really good to move forward and get things done!

Later tonight we watched family movies together and enjoyed seeing our crazy girls perform and such.  I love moments like we had tonight.

Today ended on a really great and positive note.  I've felt so peaceful and happy.  I’m having more happy moments and fewer scared out of my mind moments (although I still have those feelings when I think too much about what I’m really getting myself into… AHHHH!)  ;-)  However, tonight felt so right and so good.  When I feel that way, and I start moving forward it feels right.  

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