Sunday, July 22, 2012


Tonight after church, we picked up the translator that was assigned to our family.  She came over for dinner and visiting.  We had a lovely evening.  It was so great to have a translator.  We sat and talked and talked… we were able to ask questions and get more information from Albina (Alina wasn’t really interested in sitting around and talking). 

We learned all about their family and lots of interesting things about Maksym (Albina seems to have a close connection to him).  Maksym has a different father than Albina and Alina (his father is Greek) and has big dark brown eyes.  Albina said that he is very smart and can be a bit stubborn.  She said that when he gets into trouble, he just looks at you with his big eyes and you can’t help but melt.  He likes TV, soccer and poetry.   

Additionally, we learned more about the difficulties they've endured in their life and the heartbreaking events that took place that caused them to end up in an orphanage.  

Albina asked a lot of questions about why Americans want to adopt internationally.  She asked if we requested that they stay with us or if they were assigned to us.  We said that we had requested them.  She asked why?  We told her it just felt right, that we were drawn to their pictures and wanted to get to know them.  She told us that when she came into the room at the airport she looked around at everyone and hoped that we were the family she and Alina were going to stay with.  We asked why?  She replied that she thought we looked cute and loving and like we would be the best family.  It was lovely to think that she was drawn to our family as well.   

After dinner and conversation we went and roasted marshmallows and made smores.  It was a wonderful evening and so amazing to have a translator in our home.  I wish she could just move in with us for the duration of their stay… oh well.  I suppose we need to figure out communication without a translator if/when we adopt these kids.  

I got an email from a dear friend today that I had emailed and asked some questions about adoption (she has adopted 2 of her children).  She told me that $66,000 for 3 kids is a bargain.  Crazy to think that such a huge amount should be considered a bargain!

My favorite quote from her email was the following:

Advice?  Get ready for absolute emotional insanity. 


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