Thursday, July 26, 2012

BBQ and Information Overload

Tonight was the first BBQ for the orphans that are being hosted here in Utah.  All the orphans, hosting families and perspective adoptive parents were invited to attend.  I was so busy talking to people that I didn't get a chance to eat anything until walking out (I grabbed a few pieces of watermelon).

There were plenty of people in attendance that had either adopted, hosted before, had family members adopt, or were still in the middle of the process that I had lots of opportunity to gather information.  While it was extremely helpful (and necessary) to get so much information and insight, I truly felt so overwhelmed and stressed by the end of the evening.  The process of adopting these kids will certainly be long and hard and at the very least, a crazy emotional roller coaster.  (Not that I didn't already realize this bit of information... it was just reiterated tonight).

By the time we got home I needed to clear my head and gain some peace and clarity.  James and I went on a drive and had a great talk.  It was very calming and reassuring to talk with him (it's no wonder I married him and still feel happy about that decision!)  What an adventure we are about to embark upon... is it a problem that I'm already tired?

Nothing a good night sleep can't fix.

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