Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jumping In

The past two days were busy, but fairly uneventful.  We didn't have any activities or classes yesterday, so we spent time as a family and then went and watched fireworks for the 24th of July (A Utah holiday).

This morning on the way to English class, I took Emma and Isabel to the church to head up to Girls Camp.  Albina and Alina were sad to say goodbye and kept saying, "I'll miss you!".  When I explained to Albina that she would be joining the girls in two days to camp she was thrilled!

After I took the girls to English class I went home and called about getting started on our home study.  I can't believe I'm really starting this process!  It's such a big and scary thing to jump into.  I got the information on the criminal background check and got everything filled out and mailed off.  On my way to the post office I called my parents and told them about the girls.  I'm not sure how they really feel (I think they are likely a little skeptical about taking on such a huge life altering change), but they certainly weren't unsupportive of us and our ability to make an informed decision.

The girls continue to be happy and seem to like our family very much.  We are hoping to head to St George to visit family before they head back to Ukraine.  

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