Sunday, July 29, 2012

Theater, McDonalds & Cute Boys

Today was cleaning day!  The girls all worked together and cleaned the house and the cars.  Albina kept coming and asking for more work.  She kept saying, "I want more please."  What a pleasant contrast to the usual nagging that takes place on cleaning day.  However, everyone wanted to get their jobs finished because there was a Make-A-Wish get-together for a friend from my girls school.

After they attended the party for their friend, they called to see if they could attend a show that some of their friends were acting in.  We told them they could attend.  They got home late, and were very giddy and happy.  Apparently they had a wonderful time tonight.  Albina, Emma & Isabel attended the show (a silent stage production) while Tori and Alina went and played at the park.  The girls loved the show and Albina told everyone afterwards that she wants to go to more theater.  Then they all went to McDonalds and ate.  I guess (and I can imagine) there were some cute boys there and they were all enjoying themselves far too much… laughing and flirting and such.  Sounded like good teenage fun (with an 11 year old tagging along).

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