Sunday, August 26, 2012


I’ve gotten the following message with a few of our donations (regardless of the donation size):

“Sorry it’s not much…”

Toward the beginning of this adventure, my son, Micah, was playing with a neighbor boy.  During their play Micah told his friend all about our Ukrainian kids.  He told him we were going to adopt them, but that we needed to come up with a lot of money to make it happen.  His friend looked at him, said, “just a minute” and ran into his home.  A bit later he came running out and handed Micah a dollar bill and said, “This is all I could find.”  Micah came running home and handed me that dollar.  He was so excited that we’d gotten a donation.  And so was I!  It never entered our minds that it “wasn’t much”.  We were just so grateful that a little boy was willing to support us!

You’ll notice on our donation thermostat to the left that the amount isn’t an equal amount.  That’s because the $1 donation of this amazing neighbor boy was added into our “donations received” immediately! 

If you think that what you have to contribute to our cause “isn’t much”, think again.  Every donation is exciting and helps get us closer to our goal. 

And we are so very, very grateful!

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