Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crazy Car Ride

Today's Activities:

  • Swimming with cousins and friends.
  • Fashion show at the mall 
  • Albina won a gift card to Aeropostale.  Everyone was so excited for her.  Finally she said, "I don't understand."  We explained what she had won and she got very excited about going shopping with her new gift card.
  • Crazy car ride with real family fighting and grumpiness.  :-)
  • BBQ, swimming, playing with friends and family.
It was a good day, but the crazy car ride really showed Albina and Alina a side to our family that they were likely hoping didn't exist.  (So sad that we can't offer a perfect family to them!)  However, the evening ended nicely… James spent a lot of time outside with Albina, Alina and Micah.  Alina and Micah played really well in the pool together and got along well while James and Albina were able to chat a bit.  The night ended with a bat swooping down towards Alina and Micah in the pool.  They finally got frightened enough of the bat that they got out of the pool and we headed home.

Getting prepared to start the fashion show.

Waiting to model our clothing.
Isabel and Albina walk the catwalk.

Toria struts her stuff.

Group picture of "the models".

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