Monday, August 27, 2012

Different or Same?

Have you heard the story of the bullied bus driver? 

Online fundraising was set up to help her go on vacation and within hours, over half a million dollars was collected.  How did it work?  People shared her story, people wanted to help and voila!  She was not only able to go on vacation, but was also able to retire!  Isn't it amazing that today's technology and social networking can benefit such causes?

But we haven't been bullied or mistreated.  We don't need a vacation (well, maybe we do... but it can wait!).  And we certainly aren't ready to retire any time soon!  Our story and our cause is vastly different...

Or is it?

Right now there are three kids in an orphanage in Ukraine.  This summer they were exposed to what it would be like to live with a family, to enjoy a city with clean air to breathe, to receive lots of hugs and kisses and hear lots of "I love you's".

One day soon we hope to walk into that orphanage and enjoy a happy reunion with them.  It will include lots of hugs and kisses and "I love you's".  Then we will sit them down and tell them that we love them so much that we want to take them home as part of our family.  We want to rescue them from a future of drugs, crime, prostitution, human trafficking, suicide, etc.  We want to give them opportunity and hope for a better future.

So I suppose that essentially we want them to avoid a life of being mistreated and give them a permanent vacation from the orphanage.

Different or same?

Please share our story so that together we can bless the lives of these three beautiful kids!

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