Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can You Hear That?

Last week I wrote about how happy I was to hear from Albina.  Since that day, she hasn’t been online at all.  This morning I awoke to a ping from my phone.  It was a response from Albina to my last week's Facebook status:

Me: I got a message from Albina Truax and it made me so happy to hear from her! Safely back in Ukraine, but missing our family. We've got to get her here soon!

Albina Truax: I hope this

As soon as I noticed she was online I grabbed my computer to see if she was still available.  (I have been missing these kids SO much, so I was just a little excited for a chance to chat!!!)  I received another ping, and another, and another.  We were able to chat for just a few minutes before she disappeared.

Here are some of our messages back and forth:

“I miss for you…” (Albina wrote on her Facebook wall)

And our chat on (Ukrainian Facebook):

Shelly:  I miss you and want you to come to Utah! Love you!  Tell Alina and Maksym hello as well. Lots of hugs and kisses from us!

Albina:  OK!  I LOVE YOU!

Shelly:  I LOVE YOU TOO!!! Missing you SO much!

Albina:  i too!

Shelly:  Dad misses you and loves you too.

Albina:  i know!  (This is my favorite!)

Shelly:  is Alina ok?

Albina:  YES

Shelly:  Good. Tell her we miss her and love her.

There’s nothing better than hearing from your kids…  :-)

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