Saturday, August 18, 2012


Yesterday I told James that it was really hard to be so distanced from our Ukrainian kids.  I was sad that we couldn’t be in closer contact with them.  It makes me feel so disconnected.

Then I received the following message from Albina:

"Hello! How are you? I flew good. Miss! Be sure to pass it all the greetings. I love. Kiss."

After receiving this simple message I felt so happy!  I couldn’t stop smiling!  However, it made me even more anxious to get these kids into our home as a part of our family.  Let’s face it: I’m worried about these kids and want them to be safe, loved and cared for.  The sooner I can do it, the better. 

Today I researched more about the life as an orphan in the Ukraine.  I also found a lot of information regarding the difficulties that graduated orphans face.  Quite frankly, it’s disturbing to think that my sweet Albina is right around the corner from such a fate.  (Orphans graduate from the orphanage around the age of 16.  Most find themselves in very grim circumstances including: prostitution, drug abuse, abusive relationships, poverty, and suicide.)  I feel such an urgency to get everything taken care of (money raised and legal requirements) so I can rush to Ukraine and rescue these kids from a challenging future. 

Albina, 16

On a more positive note: Last night we also received a copy of our home study report.  (On a sadder note, we also received the bill.  :-) )  Apparently James and I are perfect.  I didn’t realize it before I read the home study, but as I reviewed the information I wondered if she had mixed up our information with another amazing couple.  James and I laughed at how good we sounded in the report.  In addition, the quotes that were included from the people that wrote reference letters on our behalf were so incredibly kind!  (Thank you… you know who you are!)  It’s flattering, really.  I just hope we can live up to everything!

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  1. You people are amazing. Go get them!! Can I grow up to be like you guys?! Much love!