Thursday, August 2, 2012

On The Road

Today we headed to St George to visit family.  I spent most of the day preparing (packing, shopping, car oil changed, banking, etc.)  Once I got everything taken care of, we jumped in the car and started our trip.  Traveling with everyone was great.  It seriously just feels so natural to have our family include these two girls.  I’m surprised how little I feel uncomfortable with the idea now.  Last night I stayed up late and sent out a number of emails telling people what we are attempting to do and asking for help with fundraising and donations.  I'm really hoping for some good support throughout this process.  If there's anything I'm nervous about, it's that I can't do everything on my own.  So far I’ve heard from a couple individuals that have offered donations for a silent auction and a couple individuals that have expressed the ability to forward emails and spread the word to others that may be in a position to help.  A slow, but good start! 

We're looking forward to enjoying the weekend with family (it should be fun for these girls to meet my family, but more fun for my family to meet them!)  James called his mom this morning and told her about our adventure.  He has been a little nervous to share the news with her… just unsure of what the family reaction would be (I mean, we are doing something that could be viewed as just a little crazy.)  She was THRILLED and extremely supportive.  James said she was awesome with the whole thing!  The girls called Aunt S. tonight and talked to her about it as well.  She was equally as supportive, but really surprised with the announcement that came out of nowhere (almost as surprised as we feel!)


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