Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Driving Time

This week Emma got her driver's license and Isabel got her learners permit.  That means that I have two girls that are constantly begging me for the opportunity to drive.

Tonight after dinner we took everyone out to experience "driving".  We went to a deserted building that had a very large parking lot.  Isabel drove us there and then drove around a little in the parking lot.  After that, James asked Albina if she wanted to learn how to drive.  She was a bit nervous, but really excited.  (I don't know how often she'd ever even been in a car before coming to US, so this was a real adventure for her!).  We took things really slowly with her (didn't even let her push the gas pedal at all).  She caught on quickly and did a great job!  

 After Albina finished her turn, Alina wanted a turn.  She sat on James’ lap and steered the car around the parking lot.  She was concentrating so hard.  It was really cute and fun to watch.   

After driving a bit, we went to a park that ended up being a bit too boring for everyone.  So we decided to head home.  We got home, watched a little bit of the Olympics and had ice cream and cookies.  Then we got UNO out and played a few rounds.  It was a blast!  That’s a game that doesn’t require individuals to speak the same language.  So perfect for our family group!  After games and prayers, James and I went on a run.  Once we got home, we discovered that Micah had talked Albina into staying up with him and playing "Sorry!".  She was exhausted and went to bed as soon as we came in and rescued her from Micah.  It was a good day.

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