Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here's Hoping!

Last year for Mother's Day I received this special necklace:

My Mother's Day Gift 2012

I realize it's difficult to see all the charms, but there is one charm for each of my children, as well as a charm for James and I.  I love this necklace and receive compliments on it all the time.  I hope to add three additional charms in a very short time!

My necklace was made by Lora Elizabeth Stamped Jewelry, and now she's agreed to add a piece of her beautiful jewelry to our online auction that's taking place as we speak!  You should check it out and strongly consider placing a bid for this simple yet elegant necklace (and then check out her other necklaces on her website... she has a lot of really beautiful things!)

Hope Necklace Available At Our Online Auction

Lora's jewelry is made of sterling-silver, genunine leather and pure swarovski crystals. Many pieces are hand-cut, filed, stamped, oxidized and polished.  Due to the nature of hand-cut and hand stamped jewelry you will find that no two pieces are the same. There may be a slight variation in the spacing or placement of letters as well as variations in colors of leather. This is to be expected and will only add to the uniqueness of your piece.
I love my piece of jewelry (I wear it almost every single day) and I'm confident you will too!
Happy Bidding!

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