Thursday, November 8, 2012

Impending Alien Invasion!

Latest update:

We heard from Ukraine today and all of our paperwork has been translated and submitted to the government.  Now we wait.

The good news is that the waiting period seems to be shorter now than it was a few weeks ago.  This is fantastic and means that we may actually get a court date before the holidays (which is what we have been praying for).  Keeping fingers crossed that things continue to go smoothly and everything falls into place for us!


I realize that everyone probably rolls their eyes whenever I announce a new and silly fundraiser.  Here's the thing.  As much as I hate continually asking for money, I have to.  I mean, if your kids were stranded in another country and it was going to cost $70,000 to get them home (or even $1 million?) wouldn't you do everything you possibly could to get the money and get them home?  You would plead, beg, steal, whatever it took (ok, maybe not the stealing part)!  I don't know any parents that would say, "Ugh.  That's way too much trouble or money to get my kids back.  Moving on..."  NO!  You would move heaven and earth to get those kids back into your home.

That's exactly what I feel like I'm doing.  
It's exactly what I feel I must continue to do.

So, when I announce a fundraiser or ask you to consider donating to our cause, it's not because I want a new pair of jeans or a massage (both of which sound lovely, but will have to wait for a while).  It's because I want to save three kids.  I'm begging and pleading for help and support not for myself, but for my kids!

If you've already donated, THANK YOU!  I realize that most of you following my posts have already contributed.  If you haven't, please consider donating something, somehow.  And regardless of whether or not you have assisted us before now, please forward our story and information to others that could help.   

We have 4-6 weeks to come up with over $30,000 more.

So, YES!
I am begging and pleading for you to share our story and help us find the people that can get our kids home safe and sound!

(Don't forget our Presidential Election fundraiser, and look for information on our upcoming silent auction!  I'll start posting information about that in the next few days.  We have lots of fantastic items for sale... it's the perfect opportunity to start your Christmas shopping!!!)


James and I had Chinese food for our date last weekend.  We laughed when we opened our fortune cookies.  What do you think these could mean? 

"Someone new is coming into your life to the benefit of you both"  

YAY!  Could this be referring to a donor or our kids?  I hope BOTH!  :-)

An alien of some sort will be appearing to you shortly!

And what in the world could this possibly mean?  Not only in our case, but anyone that opens this fortune cookie!  I mean, what would you think if you received this fortune?

Do you buy into fortunes?  Or just look at them in good fun?

If an alien appears to me shortly, I may change my mind on how much I buy into them.  ;-)

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