Sunday, November 4, 2012

SUGAR RUSH 5K Results and Pictures!

If you missed the 5K, you missed a GREAT TIME!  We enjoyed wonderful weather, lots of awesome costumes, a group of fun people and impressive running!

Paradigm High School was able to raise over $1000 for our family with this amazing fund-raiser!  We are so incredibly appreciative to the amazing students that worked so hard to put together this great event. 


Beginning the race: registration!

Selling concessions and talking to people about our adoption.

James directing runners to the finish line.

Sprinting to the finish line!

All ages participated in the race (even babies in strollers).  We loved seeing all the cute costumes!

All 6 kids (plus the mom) in this family ran the race!


Drinking water and enjoying granola bars after the race.  :-)

The Avatar ran the race!  How cool is that???

About to announce the winners and distribute prizes.

We enjoyed an extra special surprise from my KS Running Friend's daughter (in pink).  She drove down from ID to run the race today.  LOVED SEEING HER!!!


  1. It sounds like yesterday's event was a success and a lot of fun. Your goal to gather funds is like a decathlon, with many segments and completed over a period of time. You will get there and are already finding out that there are so many with good hearts along the way. Press forward with joy and optimism and you will get there. You are in our prayers.

    1. Thank you Lesli! I agree wholeheartedly! Thank you for your prayers. They mean a lot!

  2. So wonderful to hear that it was a success! That is a lot of cash to raise in a day. Let's keep the momentum going people! SPREAD THE WORD! <3