Thursday, November 1, 2012

No Tricks Or Treats Wanted!

In case you missed it, yesterday was Halloween.

Here's the truth about Halloween at our house:
  1. I never think about Halloween until about, well, the day of Halloween.
  2. My kids never get store-bought Halloween costumes.  They have been blessed to have a grandmother that created beautiful costumes for them when they were little, but eventually they grew out of those beautiful costumes.  That was a very sad year.
  3. The only other time they got a planned Halloween costume was right after Micah was born and my mother was staying with us to help out.  She took them out shopping for Halloween costumes.  They wore those costumes for a number of years as well.
  4. For the last 3 years, Micah has been "Link" from "Zelda".  This costume was a hand-me-down from his cousin.  It no longer fits.  This year I bribed Micah to get his school work completed for 3 days in order to go to the thrift store and buy 1 item that he could use for a Halloween costume.  It worked!  He purchased a dark green blazer/jacket to decorate and use as an army general costume and used one of my hats from my closet.
  5. And finally:  I always seem to eat more candy than I distribute on Halloween night.  True story.
Toria, James & Emma in 1996 (costumes courtesy of Grandma T's amazing sewing ability!)

Isabel, Emma & Toria in 2003 (costumes courtesy of Grandma Nuki's amazing generosity!)
 Last night we decided to do something a little different.  The girls went trick or treating for donations instead of candy.  2 of my daughters and 2 friends were able to go out for a couple of hours and "perform" at each house they went to.  I wanted to have a whole army of young people swarming the Salt Lake Valley, but surprisingly, everyone seems to be busy on Halloween night. (sarcasm)

I am so grateful for the girls that were so willing to help us as part of their Halloween festivities!  I'm also extremely grateful for the warm reception that these girls got from the homes they were able to visit.  They said that all the people they visited were generous and kind!

Here is a sampling of what you missed if you weren't one of the homes visited.

If you had been visited, would you have donated something as well?  If so, you should check out our "Donate" button to the left!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!

(And don't forget to register for the SUGAR RUSH 5K).


  1. Silly as it was, their song made me cry! Such sweet girls. :)

    1. They were so great! I agree... not many teenagers are so willing to make fools of themselves for charitable donations.

  2. I love this meaningful deviation from typical trick-or-treating! The girls are adorable and their song so very cute! I hope tomorrow goes really well and look forward to a report via blog post.