Thursday, November 15, 2012

This Shouldn't Be Like Pulling Teeth!

One more plug today for a specific item on our auction, and this item is AWESOME!

We were introduced to Dr Craig T Smith a few months back.  We have been so impressed with him, and his generous donation just increased our positive views of him.  He is a dedicated dentist, a comforting and caring individual and obviously very giving!

He has donated up to $800 worth of dental work.  YOU CHOOSE!  You can get a crown replacement, teeth whitening, cleaning... whatever, you name it.  And it doesn't have to be used on just one person.  Perhaps your daughter needs a filling, your son needs a cleaning and you could really enjoy having your teeth whitened.  DONE.  You can mix and match the $800 towards dental services between your immediate family members. 

This is really cool.
And really amazing of him to offer!

Check out his website to learn more about his practice and services. 
Then bid.
I mean, you're going to go see the dentist any way.
You might as well get a deal.
AND a deal from a fantastic dentist!

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