Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are There Still Miracles?

Yesterday I received the following message from the man that is responsible for setting up the hosting programs in the US (the hosting program that allowed us to meet our kids this past summer):

"Please know that the people who met your kids BEFORE you met them care deeply about the outcome of their visit to America.  Back in the spring, we saw their names on a list of available kids to consider for the hosting program.  I first declined to include Albina, Alina, and Max because they were a sib set of three and we HAD ONLY PLACED A 3-SIB SET TWICE BEFORE.  The odds of finding a family who would take three kids is very small.  Then, when Sasha sent me the photos of the group and I saw Albina and Alina, I was encouraged that they were the kind of kids for whom we could find a family.  There was a look on Albina’s face in the photo that seemed to hint at a depth and maturity beyond her years.  I thought she deserved the opportunity to win the hearts of a family (and I am SO GLAD now that family is your family!)." 

Albina hates this picture of herself, but it was the first picture I saw of her, and the one spoken of above.  I love it!

The first picture I saw of Alina.  I couldn't believe how much she resembled my daughter, Emma.

I fell in love with this sweet boy immediately.  Who wouldn't? 

This information is so incredibly amazing to me!  I am in awe of the fact that before we even had an inkling that our life was about to change in drastic ways, the Lord was directing people to help Albina, Alina and Maks find and join our family.  Isn’t that awesome?

It got me thinking about the additional miracles that have taken place to lead us to where we are today.  Here are just a few from off the top of my head in no particular order (there are obviously many, many more):

1.     Someone that I hardly know chose to include me in an email about a summer hosting program.
2.     I actually read the email.
3.     I started blogging (this is a HUGE miracle… and if you don’t believe me, check out my great blogging skills on our familyblog).  ;-)
4.     Isabel changed schools and her new school offered to sponsor a fundraiser for our family.  (The Sugar Rush 5K)
5.     Friends of mine came to me and offered to organize and put on a neighborhood yard sale that attracted generous people willing to contribute to our cause.
6.     The daughter of an old friend (like from when I was 10 years old) decided to have her quartet play at a farmers market and collect donations for our adoption fund.
7.     The USCIS actually changed their mind about needing additional paperwork from Toria.  This was seriously so huge that I am still amazed that it happened!
8.     Design Mom shared our story on her blog, which caused over 3000 people to view our story in one day!
9.     Many, many people have read our story and contributed to our cause (donations from over 150 people in amounts from $1 - $5000 have come to us by wonderfully generous individuals that want to help us bring Albina, Alina & Maks home!  And that’s not even counting the people that have supported our fundraising events and contributed!)
10. We’ve raised over $30,000 in just 3 months.  All because of #9!
11. Generous businesses and individuals donated items to our online auction, and even more individuals placed bids and supported our online auction.
12. I am still sane (most of the time) and feeling remarkably at peace.
13. I have been blessed with 4 biological children that are possibly the absolute best candidates for siblings of adoptive children.  They are about the most loving, caring, sensitive individuals I know and are so anxious to have their sisters and brother here with them.  I love that I have such an awesome support system in my children!
14. We had a family of 8 live for us for about 2 ½ months while they were waiting for their home to be available at the beginning of this month.  Now that they are gone, I actually miss having more people around.  This means that the adjustment of having 3 additional kids won’t feel as crazy as it would have been without that experience.  (And now I’m not scared and overwhelmed at the thought of adding 3 kids all at once… well, maybe a little, but not nearly as much as before.)
15. There is a teacher at Isabel’s school (where Albina will go to school) that is from Ukraine and speaks Russian.

And I could seriously go on and on and on… small miracles take place each and every day.  I am so grateful and humbled!

And the miracles will continue!

We expect to hear from Ukraine in about a week.  That means that we could possibly be on our way to Ukraine in 2 ½ weeks from right now.  It will take a serious miracle to raise the additional $30,000 before then. 

Is it possible?


For there are the miracles taking place right now, and miracles that will continue to take place in the next few weeks.

1.     Someone is reading this blog post right now and thinking, “What can I do to help?” and they’ll realize that they CAN make a difference… and they will.
2.     You will realize that the someone is YOU.
3.     Many, many “YOU’s” will come forward and together make a spectacular difference!  Our donations will grow in leaps and bounds because people will pull together and help us reach our goal.

Because, just in case you haven’t heard: 

There are 3 children in Ukraine right now that are waiting for their forever family to come and get them.  They are anxious to have a Papa and a Mama.  They want to enjoy more siblings.  They want to live in a home instead of an orphanage.  They dream of the day that they can feel loved and wanted.  They yearn for opportunity and experiences that will allow them to grow and develop and improve.  They desire a future that is worth living for.  They pray that their forever family will come to them very, very soon! 

They are praying that you will help their forever family reach their financial goals so that all these dreams can become a reality.

And you realize, that if it were really as simple as just bringing our kids home, we would have been done long ago.  But it’s not so simple… and we need your help.

THEY need your help!

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